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A Better Alternative to Exercise Tables

If you’re having trouble getting down and up from the floor, you might be thinking about investing in an exercise table or massage table. But, before you buy one, let us offer a more convenient, less expensive alternative.

PhysioBoard is a Better Choice

Exercise tables are raised platforms, which are used at physical therapy offices, that make it easier and safer for people who are recovering from knee or hip surgery, suffering from back pain or arthritis, or simply don’t want to get down and up from the floor to exercise. However, exercise tables are heavy (ranging from 30-100+ pounds), and the sturdier ones can be expensive (between $300 and $800+). In some cases, these tables can cost an additional $200 to ship! There are cheaper versions available, but these don’t come assembled and are often wobbly and unstable.

The PhysioBoard is a better solution. This lightweight, yet sturdy board transforms your bed into an effective, comfortable exercise surface. PhysioBoard offers the following benefits:

  • It’s lightweight (only 11 pounds) – which makes it easy for almost anyone to put it on a bed and remove it when done exercising.

  • It saves space – PhysioBoard doesn’t take up valuable floor space. Simply store PhysioBoard in a closet, behind a door, up against a wall, or even under your bed when you’re not using it. If you have a spare bedroom, you could even leave a PhysioBoard on the bed, ready to use.

  • It’s sturdy – PhysioBoard uses your bed as the foundation, so there is no fear of the surface wobbling or collapsing.

  • There is no assembly required! – PhysioBoard ships directly to your home completely assembled in an easy to remove and reusable package. It comes with a water- and bacteria-resistant, washable cover. The medical grade fabric also has carbon threads to dissipate static.

  • It's made in America - All of the materials used for PhysioBoards are sourced here in the U.S., and the boards are assembled in Canton, Michigan.

  • It's less expensive than most exercise tables - The price of $235 includes the cover and shipping.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

The PhysioBoard was designed by a physical therapist in conjunction with an engineer to help people continue their physical therapy and/or exercise routine at home. It was created especially for those who have trouble getting down and up from the floor, but other people have found it to be a convenient, comfortable way to exercise. Here’s what a few customers have to say:

“I was seeing real improvement in my flexibility and mobility with physical therapy after my hip replacement surgery. But, I couldn’t perform most of the exercises the therapist prescribed at home because I couldn’t get down and up from the floor. It was frustrating. When I got the PhysioBoard, it made it easy and safe to continue my exercises on my bed. By doing my exercises regularly, I have been pain free and much more active.”

— Marsha, age 72

“For many years, I have had a daily routine at home involving core strengthening for my lower back and hamstrings. I've been using the PhysioBoard now for more than a year and I love it. It has transformed the way I exercise. It enables me to do my "floor" stretching exercises on a surface that is the optimum blend of comfort and firmness. It truly makes the daily routine of stretching and strengthening more effective and more enjoyable. It is lightweight but extremely durable.”

— Lawrence, age 75

“I've been in and out of physical therapy regularly for thirty years. I love the PT gym exercise tables -- comfy, wide, calf high, easy to get onto and off. I'd seriously considered buying one for our basement because while getting down on the floor to do "home" work is easy, as I age, getting up means walking on my knees to a waist high surface so I can push myself up. It was tough to do my home routine on the floor, tougher to do it on a memory foam bed. The PhysioBoard has been a total game changer for me. The perfect length and width for clamshells, twists, rotations. I call my PhysioBoard my life support system, a great motivator for maintaining my core and spine health.”

— Karen Tintori, age 73

“We were going to invest in an exercise bed since neither my husband nor I can get up and down from the floor to do our exercises, but they are expensive and take up too much space. Then our therapist recommended the PhysioBoard. It’s light enough to move from the bed to the closet and is strong enough to allow both of us to do our exercises safely. We both feel so much better when we do our recommended exercises and stretches!”

— Donna, age 78

“I have been successfully using the PhysioBoard for three months and have been able to easily lift and reposition the device when needed. The PhysioBoard is the precise size to be vital to my exercise routine. Because I do not have to get on the floor to exercise, I am more inclined to do so on a regular basis. The construction of the PhysioBoard is perfect. The cushion on the board provides adequate support while offering enough pressure relief to enable me to tolerate my exercises while allowing me to improve the length of my sessions. I was also pleased that the cover of the board was a washable fabric… This is a terrific exercise device!

— Eileen, age 64

“The PhysioBoard was an important tool for me to use during the first few weeks recovering from knee replacement surgery. It allowed me to continue with at home exercise when my mobility was limited. The board is extremely light for its size and positioning on the bed was very easy. Great product!

— Robert, age 55

“After my knee replacement surgery, I could not get on the floor to exercise. Since the board is elevated on the bed, it was easy to use and allowed me to continue my exercises, which has improved my mobility and reduced pain. A wonderful tool!”

— Jeff, age 62

Ready to transform the way you exercise? Visit to purchase your own PhysioBoard!

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