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A Story of Determination

How physical therapy, PhysioBoard, and determination led to a successful recovery.

Everyone loves a good story, especially when it has a happy ending. With that in mind, we wanted to share the tale of Nathan, who suffered severe injuries during a Motocross race. Nathan has been riding dirt bikes and motorcycles since he was 12 years old. He began competing when he was just 15 and fell in love with off-road racing. After tearing up the track in over 100 races, without incidence, Nathan’s life changed in a instant.

On the last lap of a race in Indiana, several bikes got tangled up after landing a jump. As Nathan tried to avoid the pile up, he lost control of his bike and veered off the course. He was thrown from the bike and due to the high speed and momentum, he rolled for a over a hundred yards.

“All riders know that Motocross can be dangerous,” said Nathan. “But, with the right equipment, practice and skill, most injuries can be avoided. Over the years, I had a few minor injuries, like a broken wrist, but nothing serious – until that day.”

As Nathan was lying in the grass waiting for help, he knew that he was seriously hurt. He was unable to move his legs and pain was radiating around his neck and head. He had broken his collarbone (one of the most common injuries in Motocross) and severely injured his back, which required spinal fusion surgery.

“The good news was that I regained feeling in my legs and wasn’t paralyzed as I feared,” recalled Nathan. “But the doctor warned me that I had a long recovery ahead and that I probably wouldn’t race again.”

The Road to Recovery

At 24, Nathan was healthy and fit, which certainly aided in his recovery, but it also required dedication and hard work. He was determined to regain strength and flexibility in his back, without relying on painkillers. It took six months of physical therapy to relieve the pain and stiffness in both his back and shoulders, and walk without a limp. But there were bumps along the way.

“After two months of PT, I was starting to see results, but when they limited my visits from four days a week to two, the progress slowed,” Nathan remembered. “The therapist gave me a list of exercises to do at home, but because my back was still healing, I had a hard time getting down and up from the floor to do them. I tried doing some in my bed, but it wasn’t as good as the exercise table at PT. It was so frustrating. So, I asked my therapist what I could do to keep things moving.”

Nathan’s physical therapist adjusted some of the exercises so he could perform them standing and sitting in a chair, but many of the best strengthening moves and stretches still needed to be done in a prone position (lying down). She recommended using a PhysioBoard.

Exercise in Bed with a PhysioBoard

The PhysioBoard was a game changer for Nathan. He simply placed the lightweight, yet sturdy board on his bed when he was ready to do his exercises. He was then able to perform all the recommended exercises and stretches without getting down and up from the floor.

“I was determined to get better and eventually ride again, so I was highly motivated to exercise every day. The PhysioBoard allowed me to do that effectively at home and continue my progress.”

Back on the Track

Exactly one year after his accident, Nathan competed in a Motocross race in Illinois, where he lives. He was admittedly nervous, but after a few laps, was feeling the same adrenaline rush and passion he’s always experienced when racing.

“Some people might have given up the sport, but It’s big part of who I am,” intoned Nathan. “I’m grateful that my injuries weren’t worse and that I was able to get back on the track. I’m also thankful to my physical therapist and her support and guidance, because the most important thing is living pain free and being able to stay active.”

Could PhysioBoard Help You?

You don’t need to be recovering from an injury or working with a physical therapist to benefit from the PhysioBoard. Anyone who has trouble getting down and up from the floor or would prefer not to exercise on the floor can use this unique product. It transforms any bed into an effective exercise surface. PhysioBoard:

  • Is lightweight (weighs only 11 pounds), yet sturdy.

  • Has a comfortable foam padding.

  • Comes with a water- and bacteria-resistant cover that is machine washable.

  • Can be easily stored behind a door or in a closet when not in use.

  • Provides a safe, effective exercise surface on any bed.

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