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Don't Exercise in Bed without a PhysioBoard

A quick search on the Internet will produce a variety of “simple exercises you can do in bed.” It might sound appealing, and while exercising in bed is better than not exercising at all, it’s not ideal. Most mattresses are too soft to provide a stable surface to perform exercises effectively. While it’s true that an unstable surface may help engage small muscles for stabilization, the benefits are small compared to the risks. Consider the following:

  • Exercising on an unstable surface, such as a mattress increases your risk of injury such as falls.

  • A flat, stable surface puts your body in the correct position and proper posture to avoid back strain and other injuries.

  • The “bounce effect” of a mattress can cause back and neck strain.

  • When doing abdominal exercises, your back muscles also contract to hold and support your body. On a soft mattress, this is more difficult. Your back will work harder than your abs!

  • Some exercises are so ineffective on a soft mattress that they are actually a waste of time! Instead of engaging your core or leg muscles, they work your back.

"Unless you have no other option, I never recommend exercising on your mattress," advised Dr. Shelly Karbowski, PT. "It doesn't provide the proper posture or support to perform exercises correctly. And unless you do exercises with proper form, you're not reaping the benefits. We use raised exercise tables in the clinic, but most people don't have access to that type of raised surface at home. That's we developed the PhysioBoard."

Many people have trouble getting down and up from the floor – whether they suffer from arthritis, joint replacements, or other physical problems. Until now, the only option for these folks was to perform exercises in bed or forgo exercising. Unfortunately, when people stop exercising, issues such as pain, stiffness and lack of strength/stability become worse.

What’s the solution?

PhysioBoard is the solution. This unique, lightweight yet sturdy board was developed by a physical therapist in conjunction with an engineer to help people exercise effectively on their beds. When you place the PhysioBoard on your mattress it transforms it into an effective exercise surface. The board is padded for comfort, but firm enough to provide the correct positions and postures needed to avoid injury and make exercising effective.

When you’re done exercising, simply remove the PhysioBoard and store it behind a door or in a closet. Unlike exercise tables, it doesn’t take up floor space or cost a fortune.

Does it really work?

“After my knee replacement, I saw a physical therapist for several weeks, which really helped with my recovery,” said Jeff. “However, I couldn’t do the prescribed exercises at home because I couldn’t safely get down on the floor. I actually considered buying an exercise table, but who wants that in the middle of your bedroom? Then, my PT told me about PhysioBoard. It was a game-changer for me. I was able to continue my exercises at home and now have full mobility in my knee. I’ve also strengthened my abs.”

Kelly had this to say: “I stopped exercising because I couldn’t get down and up from the floor without difficulty due to my arthritis. Since I live alone, I was afraid of getting stuck on the floor! But when I quit exercising, my arthritis pain got worse. I felt stiffer and had trouble with daily tasks. It was so frustrating. My friend suggested using a PhysioBoard, and though I was a bit reluctant at first, it has helped me tremendously. I now exercise every day and enjoy it! My pain and stiffness has improved and I’m feeling better than I have in a long time.”

And finally, “For many years, I have had a daily routine at home involving core strengthening for my lower back and hamstrings. I've been using the PhysioBoard now for more than a year and I love it. It has transformed the way I exercise. It enables me to do my "floor" stretching exercises on a surface that is the optimum blend of comfort and firmness,” said Lawrence. “It truly makes the daily routine of stretching and strengthening more effective and more enjoyable. It is lightweight but extremely durable.”

To read more testimonials from actual PhysioBoard customers, go to To learn more about PhysioBoard and order yours, visit

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