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Exercising in Bed?

The benefits of exercising are well-researched. Regular exercise and stretching can improve mobility, reduce pain and stiffness, increase strength and balance, reduce fatigue, alleviate anxiety and depression, and much more. However, not everyone is physically capable of doing floor exercises, such as crunches, leg lifts, planks, bridges, etc.

For those who have difficulty getting down and up from the floor, many beneficial exercises and stretches become impossible. But not anymore! The PhysioBoard transforms any bed into an effective exercise surface.

"One of my greatest frustrations as a physical therapist was watching patients lose the progress they made by not continuing to do their exercises and stretches at home," said Shelly Karbowski, PT, DPT. "You lose muscle tone, strength and balance quickly if you don't continue to exercise. Many of my patients wanted to continue their exercises, but were unable to get down and up from the floor."

In some cases, patients tried exercising on their beds, but a mattress is not firm enough to allow for effective exercising. Others tried putting a wooden board or plywood on a spare bed, but wood is heavy and the surface is too hard.

This led Dr. Karbowski to develop a lightweight, sturdy surface that could easily be moved onto and off the bed and used for a wide variety of prescribed exercises and stretches. The PhysioBoard weighs only 11 pounds, but is firm enough for any prone (lying down) exercise/stretch. It's padded surface also makes it comfortable.

"I gave several patients early prototypes of the PhysioBoard to test, and they loved it," enthused Dr. Karbowski. "It made me so happy to see them continuing their therapy and regular exercise routines at home because I know they'll reap the benefits. My goal has always been to help people live the healthiest life possible."

Here's what a few patients had to say:

“I was seeing real improvement in my flexibility and mobility with physical therapy after my hip replacement surgery. But, I couldn’t perform most of the exercises the therapist prescribed at home because I couldn’t get down and up from the floor. It was frustrating. When I got the PhysioBoard, it made it easy and safe to continue my exercises on my bed. By doing my exercises regularly, I have been pain free and much more active.” ​ — Marsha, age 72 “For many years, I have had a daily routine at home involving core strengthening for my lower back and hamstrings. I've been using the PhysioBoard now for more than a year and I love it. It has transformed the way I exercise. It enables me to do my "floor" stretching exercises on a surface that is the optimum blend of comfort and firmness. It truly makes the daily routine of stretching and strengthening more effective and more enjoyable. It is lightweight but extremely durable.”

— Lawrence, age 75

“I've been in and out of physical therapy regularly for thirty years. I love the PT gym exercise tables -- comfy, wide, calf high, easy to get onto and off. I'd seriously considered buying one for our basement because while getting down on the floor to do "home" work is easy, as I age, getting up means walking on my knees to a waist high surface so I can push myself up. It was tough to do my home routine on the floor, tougher to do it on a memory foam bed. The PhysioBoard has been a total game changer for me. The perfect length and width for clamshells, twists, rotations. I call my PhysioBoard my life support system, a great motivator for maintaining my core and spine health.” — Karen Tintori, age 73

If you've been avoiding exercising because of difficulty getting down and up from the floor, give the PhysioBoard a try. It could be a "total game changer" for you, too!

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