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Give the Gift of Mobility with PhysioBoard

What do you get the person who has everything? That’s what Jenna wondered when she was looking for a Father’s Day gift. When it came to providing gift ideas, her dad was no help! However, he was recovering from knee surgery, which prompted an idea of her own.

Jenna’s dad was supposed to be doing his prescribed physical therapy exercises and stretches at home. And though he was trying his best to comply, it was impossible for him to get down and up from the floor. He tried doing some of the exercises in bed, but the mattress didn’t provide the right surface to be effective. Jenna wanted to help him but didn’t know how.

Then she saw an ad for a new product called PhysioBoard. PhysioBoard was designed by a physical therapist, in collaboration with an engineer, to help people exercise and stretch in bed. The unique, lightweight, yet sturdy board transforms any bed into an effective exercise surface. Simply put the PhysioBoard on any bed and perform your exercises or stretches on it as you would on the floor.

Simply place the lightweight, yet sturdy PhysioBoard on any bed to create an effective exercise surface. When you're done, simply remove and store behind a door or in a closet. Now you can exercise in bed!

People Love PhysioBoard

“When I first brought it over to my dad’s, he was skeptical,” said Jenna. “But as soon as I put the PhysioBoard on his bed and he tried it out, he loved it. He could do all the exercises his physical therapist prescribed without struggling to get down and up from the floor, which meant he could continue to do them and recover fully.”

Being active is important to Jenna’s dad. He loves to play golf and go bike riding, and even enjoys the weekly yard work. The thought of losing his mobility was terrifying for him. While surgical procedures such as knee and hip replacements have come a long way, without proper strength training and stretching to enhance flexibility, recovery can be hampered.

“After just a few weeks of using the PhysioBoard, my dad said his physical therapist was impressed with his progress,” recalled Jenna. “He regained full mobility and was pain free. Now that his PT has ended, his therapist stressed the importance of continuing his exercises and stretching to stay that way! We celebrated by golfing together."

Even though Jenna’s dad can now get down and up from the floor without a problem (thanks to his continued exercising!), he still likes to use PhysioBoard to exercise in bed. It provides the right balance of firmness and comfortable foam padding to make exercising and stretching enjoyable. And when he’s done, PhysioBoard can be easily stored behind a door or in a closet.

Help Someone Stay Mobile

“Going golfing with my dad and seeing him active again has been great,” enthused Jenna. “Instead of giving him another golf shirt, which he really doesn't need, I decided to help him regain his mobility with PhysioBoard. And that’s a gift that will last a very long time!”

If you know someone who is recovering from orthopedic surgery or is having difficulty getting down and up from the floor due to age, arthritis, or other physical limitations, consider giving them the gift of improved mobility. PhysioBoard will allow them to exercise and stretch on their beds – building strength and flexibility – which can keep them mobile and independent. It’s a gift that keeps giving!

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