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"The PhysioBoard Improved My Practice"

A Great Testimonial from a Sports Chiropractic Physician

"My name is Dr. Frank González, I am a Sports Chiropractic Physician and owner of SoFlo Mobile Chiropractic, a private practice specializing in prenatal, pediatric, and acupuncture, along with sports performance, injury and rehabilitation. Our traveling office takes pride in providing quality evidence affirmed treatment plans specific to our patients’ healthcare goals. In doing so, our systems must be efficient, our technology must be reliable, and most importantly our equipment must be top of the line. Our company works with professional athletes including Olympic Medalists, Fittest on Earth (CrossFit) and MLB players, we travel across the United States providing treatment at events including Wodapalooza, MACC and 2022 NO BULL CrossFit Games. Most of the hands on action happens behind the scenes, underneath bleachers, open fields and/or hotel rooms, hence the importance of top-notch equipment.

Recently, I came across the PhysioBoard after working “Battle of the Boxes” a local fitness event at CrossFit Key Largo, an affiliate in the Florida Keys. When I first used the PhysioBoard, I attempted a specific spinal manipulation technique with the patient in a supine position. I was surprised by how lightweight but sturdy the board felt; the grip from the board to hand to patient ratio felt solid, and the adjustment was performed like melting butter (I did not have to thrust at all), the weight of the patient positioned on the PhysioBoard and my expert hand set up resulted in a quality, specified anterior adjustment. My patient reported relief along with “excellent treatment” on the new PhysioBoard.

The PhysioBoard Has Many Applications

After some thought I realized the versatility this asset could offer and improve my practice. Aside from in office use with passive care, the board could be used for therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education, return-to-play rehabilitation, mobility routines, and at events as a treatment table but also for recovery and performance purposes like compression or cupping therapy for example. All in all, the PhysioBoard is a valuable, proven, top of the line equipment asset that immediately improved my practice. I recommend this product to all my colleagues working in the sports medicine field. I would rate this product 10 out of 10.

Thank you for introducing me to PhysioBoard, I will be implementing it into my sports medicine practice."

The PhysioBoard is a lightweight, yet sturdy board that transforms your bed into an effective exercise surface. It's easy to use, convenient to store, and portable enough for travel. While the PhysioBoard was designed by a physical therapist to help people who have difficulty getting down and up from the floor to exercise and stretch, there are many applications for this versatile board - as Dr. Gonzalez has discovered!

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